Moira’s Story

Moira often described herself as “nothing special”. Throughout high school, all she wanted to do was fit in.  She never had much faith in herself being good enough, being wanted, or in God wanting anything to do with her. Moira struggled with depression and reckless behaviors, constantly changing who she was in a desperate attempt to fit in and belong.  

One day, Moira was invited to Campus Life.  She wasn’t sure what to expect, but what she found was a fun place where she felt like she belonged.  She began to make friends, connect to loving adults, and started a mentor relationship with Paige, her Campus Life Director.

Eventually, Moira went to YFC Camp, where she was challenged with all the consequences of her past choices.  She came to her breaking point and made the choice to let go of her past, accept God’s forgiveness, and embrace who God is molding her to be!

Today, she has graduated high school and is soon heading off to college… eager to, as she says, “make all the good choices.”  We love watching her grow in her faith and encourage her friends along the way.  Thank you, for being a part of Moira’s story!